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Wiper Blade Care: Is Your Mechanic Using DOE?

13 Dec Wiper Blade Care: Is Your Mechanic Using DOE?

We may be in the midst of a drought but we are still entering the rainy season and your windscreen wipers should be in optimal working condition particularly in light of the flash floods.

Wipers should clear water and slush from your windshield with no squeaking, chattering, skipping, or grabbing. If your wipers are leaving streaks or bands of water behind, it’s time for new ones. Typically wipers will provide good performance for six to twelve months, although this varies, depending on conditions and the composition of the rubber element.

While a lot of people wait for these problem signs to appear before buying new wipers, it’s better to be proactive and replace them before you need to. Not being able to see clearly in a sudden downpour can be really dangerous.

Reduced Visibility

Constant heat, dryness, and sunlight can deteriorate the rubber element, leading to the peeling or splitting of wipers that haven’t been used since last rainy season. In the dry season, it’s a good idea to run your wipers about once a week while spraying the windshield with washer fluid to stop the rubber from drying out.

Do not wait for the blades to become old and brittle. In some cases, the blade can come off with the backing and the arm can gouge the glass, causing an expensive and unnecessary repair.

How To Clean Wiper Blades

If your wipers are dirty dip a clean paper towel or cloth in a little water and washer fluid, and wipe gently along the edge of the blade. Look at it closely and feel for any debris or roughness. The edge should be sharp and smooth without any nicks, chips, or gaps, and the rubber should be pliable, not cracked or brittle.

If cleaning doesn’t help or your wipers are older than six months, it’s time for new ones. Always replace them in pairs, because if one wears out, the other won’t be far behind.

D.O.E Wiper Blades

Argus Motor Company is a proud supplier of DOE wiper blades. DOE beam blades are QS-9000 approved, Original Equipment standard wipers. DOE beam blades fit 98% of cars, are easy to install, offer streak-free wiping and have a Nano-tech rubber graphite coating for lower friction.

For more info visit doeparts.com