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Rhyno Brake Pads

26 Nov Rhyno Brake Pads

rhyno2Care about stopping power? Then you might be interested in RHYNO Brake Pads, your best choice, non -asbestos, low dust brake pads which are 100% guaranteed.

They also do particularly well at dissipating heat, and they last a long time.

Designed and manufactured in South Africa, RHYNO semi-metallic brake pads offer higher braking performance in heavy duty applications such as heavy towing ,sudden stops , racing and basically suited for everyday driving.

RHYNO Brake Pads have been tested and proven for toughness and conform to the Local Regulatory Body Quality Requirements.

RHYNO Brake Pads Features

✔ Low dust, Asbestos-free, semi-metallic brake pads

✔Improved braking performance

✔Superior performance under extreme conditions

✔Less rotor wear


For every set of RHYNO Brake Pads that are sold, a donation will be made towards Rhinoceros Conservation in South Africa.

The power to stop when you want to, only a click away:

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