Pratley Adhesive distributor to Mozambique- Argus Motoring Company
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Argus Motoring Company: Pratley Adhesive Distributor to Mozambique

07 May Argus Motoring Company: Pratley Adhesive Distributor to Mozambique

pratleyArgus Motoring Company is a Pratley Adhesive distributor to Mozambique of the Pratley range of D.I.Y. and industrial adhesives.

Pratley is a diverse and versatile manufacturing, research and mining group of companies, which serves the industrial, construction, petrochemical and consumer markets and Argus Motoring is happy to be Pratley Adhesive distributor to Mozambique.

Established 1948 in South Africa, today Pratley is distributed worldwide in America, the United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and Australia and over the years, the brand has won numerous technology and business awards. Pratley is ISO 9002 accredited.

Now Argus is one of the Pratley Adhesive distributor to Mozambique and many other African countries like Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Anaerobic adhesives

Anaerobic adhesives completely fill the gaps between metal components. Using an anaerobic adhesive prevents loosening from vibration and also protects the joint from corrosion or rust that can occur from moisture. They are typically used to augment the seal or holding force of a mechanically joined assembly.

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

This is the term used for the quick-bonding, instant glue used to for materials like wood, plastics and metals. Some of the key advantages of using these adhesives:

  • Easy to use
  • Rapid fixture time
  • Fast cure speed
  • Clear transparent liquid.

For Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, the hardener is water (moisture). So whenever it comes in contact with moisture in the air, it automatically cures.

Acrylic Adhesives

These are mainly used for high load transmission to replace common mechanical joining methods. Two parts bonded with acrylic adhesive would be linked structurally.

This adhesive:

  • Simplifies construction by increasing strength and rigidity for load transmission
  • Prevents material fatigue and failure by achieving uniform transmission of loads
  • Saves production costs by replacing conventional mechanical fasteners like screws, rivets or welding
  • Allows the most varied substrate combinations, e.g. metal/plastics, metal/glass, metal / wood.

What Makes Pratley Stick Out

This organisation is respected worldwide for its innovation, quality and because it represents a legacy that has earned trust through the test of time.

Pratley has had some great moments in history, from working with NASA in 1965 when Pratley putty was used on lunar landing Module. In1985 a 13 ton Bulldozer was suspended in the air by two disks glued together with a hairline layer of Wondafix adhesive. Pratley putty was also used on a ship.

In 1958 Pratley developed one of the first cable resin joints in SA. 1965 saw the birth of Humphrey, the robot, made from pieces of scrap stuck together with Pratley Putty. In 1970 Pratley Bike was launched, a miniature motorcycle that folded into a carry bag.

Pratley and its affiliate companies manufacture over 800 products including a range of leading ultra-high performance adhesives.

The range includes: DIY Epoxies, Acrylic Adhesives, Anaerobic Adhesives, Cyanoacrylates, Sealants, Hybrid systems and Special Performance industrial adhesives.

Pratley’s adhesive range is exclusively distributed throughout Mozambique by Argus Motoring Company. Enquire Now.