Widest Range of NGK Spark Plugs At The Best Prices
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NGK Spark Plugs

11 Jul NGK Spark Plugs


NGK Spark plugs ignite the air-fuel mixture and dissipate the heat that the combustion gases produce, to allow for smooth-running engine performance. NGK has close working relationships with engine manufacturers to ensure that the spark plugs match the engines they are designed for perfectly.

With an inventory of more than 1000 spark plugs, NGK is one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of spark plugs.


How Do Spark Plugs Work?

NGK spark plugs generate a high intensity electrical discharge in engine combustion chambers, to produce the heat that is required for the air-fuel mixture. This has to happen many thousands of times per minute for optimal engine performance.


The construction of NGK’s high quality spark plugsstandard


The spark plug has two primary functions:

  1. The ignition of the air-fuel mixture
  2. The removal of heat from the combustion chamber


Superior Electrical Performance

Spark plugs are responsible for the transmission of electrical energy that transforms the fuel into working energy. A certain amount of voltage has to be generated by the ignition system, to allow it to spark. This is known as electrical performance.


Superior Thermal Performance

At the same time, the spark plug’s firing must be low enough to stop pre-ignition, but high enough so fouling doesn’t occur. This is known as thermal performance.

Spark plugs don’t create the heat; they remove it. Spark plugs are heat exchangers that extract unwanted thermal energy from the combustion chamber and transfer it to the engine’s cooling system.

Argus Motor Company is a distributor of NGK’s high performance spark plugs. For the widest selection and best prices on the market for your spares shop, please contact us:

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