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Why Join Top Program

Do You Own A Spares Shop?

Don’t Guess What’s Popular – Join our Top Program

With over 60-years of experience and a proven track record in the motor spares industry, Argus Motor Company knows what sells.


We’ve got the stats on top-moving, best-selling products for many of our ranges, which include

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical

  • Chemicals

  • Accessories


What Is Top Program?

Top Program is an exclusive membership available to Argus Motor Company partners who purchase qualifying ranges of our top-selling products.


Why Join Top Program?

With more than 20 000 line items in our inventory, Argus Motor Company holds bulk buying power and passes these savings onto our clients.

Top Program members can look forward to free merchandising and installations, as well as listings in our online directory so consumers know where to find you.

The Benefits of Joining Top Program Include

You Carry The Essentials And We’ll Carry The Rest

Take advantage of Argus Motor Company’s extensive market research and let us evaluate your range. Our customer service representatives will visit your shop on a regular basis to replenish your stock and provide insight on new products and ranges.

Argus provides installation and merchandising support to Top Program members to help you sell more.

Get The Parts You Need, Quick

Need Stock Of Something Quickly?

We deliver same-day throughout Gauteng and overnight in most areas of South Africa and SADEC countries.

Market Local & International Brands To Your Customers

Top Program members receive free installation and merchandising when they purchase certain quantities of selected ranges. Argus Motor Company carries trusted local and international brands and our customers are assured of the highest quality at excellent prices.

Which Product Lines Qualify for Top Program

Top 20 Brake Disc Pads

Top 25 Brake Lines

Top 50 Fuses

Top 50 Hoses

Top 150 Switches

Top 20 Timing Belts

Top 100 Fan Belts

Top 20 Fan Blades

Top 50 Globes

Top 15 Ignition Leads

Top 150 Taxi

Top 100 VW

Top 10 Fuel & Heater Hoses

Top 50 Fuel Pumps

Top 10 Hose Clamps

Top 100 Quantam Parts

Top 20 Thermostats

Top 20 Waxco Car Care Products

Top 28 Shield Car Care

Top 10 Shield Professional

Top 20 Silicones & Adhesives

Top 36 Spraypaints

Top 50 Timing Belt Tensioners & Idlers

Top 24 Wiper Blades

At Argus Motor Company customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer high quality motor spares and parts at excellent prices, which means we help our clients earn more on the products they sell, with the peace of mind that goes hand-in-hand, working with a company that has been in business for over 60 years.

We deliver true, tangible value to our customers, and our Top Program is the most effective way for our partners to get even more value. If you’re not a member, sign up now.

Join Top Program