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29 Sep Reasons To Partner With Argus Motor Company

The automotive industry is ever-evolving, influencing hundreds of thousands of people daily as more people buy cars. Argus Motor Company offers high quality motor spares and parts at excellent wholesale prices. At Argus we deliver true, tangible value to our customers. More Than 60 Years of...

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13 Sep Driver-less cars

The Pros And Cons Self-driving cars may be a part of the future. There is a lot of promise and opportunity associated with driver-less cars, but there are also a lot of questions and concerns. Here are a few pros and cons. The Cons Limited Diving/ Travel Time...

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06 Sep New Ticket System for Enhanced Client Support

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new support system which allows us to provide an improved experience to our customers. Our new ticketing system enables us to streamline support requests and provide more efficient service to our valued customers. In a nutshell, our ticketing...

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15 Jun New Road Regulations In SA

Thousands of people die on South Africa's roads every year, and during the 2016/2017 festive season alone, road deaths totalled more than 1 700, which was a 5% increase when compared to the previous year’s festive season. In a move to reduce road accidents, the South...

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01 Jun 10 Interesting Car Facts

There is an endless amount of knowledge to gain when it comes to auto-mobiles from around the world, from how they work, what they can do or did to where they came from and the people who invented them. We have run you through practical tips...

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10 Mar VW Greatest Ads

Attaching To Consumer Emotions Cars are a part of our lives which is why we tend to associate them with specific times in our lives and memories:.Like going on a first date or battling through the traffic to our first job. It’s no wonder that...

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