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Car Parts

15 Jun Driving Technology History

Can you imagine a car without seat belts? How about a car without a radio? Well, actually cars didn’t have any of these features, as well as many others. Let’s take a look at some of the driving technologies and safety features we take for granted...

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26 Nov Rhyno Brake Pads

Care about stopping power? Then you might be interested in RHYNO Brake Pads, your best choice, non -asbestos, low dust brake pads which are 100% guaranteed. They also do particularly well at dissipating heat, and they last a long time. Designed and manufactured in South Africa, RHYNO...

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25 Jun Why Did My Car Battery Go Flat

The most common cause of a dead car battery is leaving the car lights on overnight, but that’s not necessarily the only way to drain your battery. Other causes can include: An interior light that doesn’t switch off A faulty boot switch A faulty alternator ...

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15 Apr Brake Pads And Road Safety

Your braking system is an essential part of safe driving, and the faster you’re going, the more pressure you put your braking system under.   Brake Pad Wear And Tear Over time the brake pads wear down, because of the friction caused between the rotor and the pads....

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28 Mar How To Inspect & Fit A New Fan Belt

The fan belt is used to drive the water pump and alternator via the crankshaft pulley. With modern cars having power steering, air conditioning and other features, you will probably find more than one drive belt running off the crankshaft or a single long belt...

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