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Argus Brands

26 Nov Rhyno Brake Pads

Care about stopping power? Then you might be interested in RHYNO Brake Pads, your best choice, non -asbestos, low dust brake pads which are 100% guaranteed. They also do particularly well at dissipating heat, and they last a long time. Designed and manufactured in South Africa, RHYNO...

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28 Oct Argus Motoring Company: Pratley Adhesive Distributor

Argus Motoring Company is a distributor of the Pratley range of D.I.Y. and industrial adhesives. Pratley is a diverse and versatile manufacturing, research and mining group of companies, which serves the industrial, construction, petrochemical and consumer markets. Established 1948 in South Africa, today Pratley is distributed worldwide...

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11 Jul NGK Spark Plugs

NGK Spark plugs ignite the air-fuel mixture and dissipate the heat that the combustion gases produce, to allow for smooth-running engine performance. NGK has close working relationships with engine manufacturers to ensure that the spark plugs match the engines they are designed for perfectly. With an...

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04 Jul DOE : Definitely Original Equipment

The D.O.E. range of Cooling System and Timing Products, is suitable for Retailer’s requiring OE. Quality and Reliability. This will ensure confidence of fitment by Workshops and Consumers. All Source Factories have been carefully researched to ensure they are currently supplying OE. Parts to Market...

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10 Jun Shield Car Care Products

Established in 1964, Shield Car Products is a family-run business from Benoni that has been a leader in the car care industry for more than 50 years. Their products are tough on dirt and grime without being harsh on the vehicle components or the environment....

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