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Author: ArGusM0tOrCo

16 Oct Safe Driving During a Lightning Storm

The thunderstorm season is upon us, and with it comes many dangers for car drivers, one of them being lightning strikes. It’s a common myth that tyres protect the vehicle from being struck by lighting. This urban myth has probably come about because tyres are made...

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26 Nov Rhyno Brake Pads

Care about stopping power? Then you might be interested in RHYNO Brake Pads, your best choice, non -asbestos, low dust brake pads which are 100% guaranteed. They also do particularly well at dissipating heat, and they last a long time. Designed and manufactured in South Africa, RHYNO...

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28 Oct Argus Motoring Company: Pratley Adhesive Distributor

Argus Motoring Company is a distributor of the Pratley range of D.I.Y. and industrial adhesives. Pratley is a diverse and versatile manufacturing, research and mining group of companies, which serves the industrial, construction, petrochemical and consumer markets. Established 1948 in South Africa, today Pratley is distributed worldwide...

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20 Aug What Type of Driver Are You?

The type of car you drive says a lot about you, so before you go to the dealer and purchase a car, you have to understand how that particular car functions and the advantages and disadvantages that come with the car. Answer the questions below...

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