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5 Ways To Make Your Car Feel And Look New

08 Oct 5 Ways To Make Your Car Feel And Look New

Looking after your car means more you will get more mileage and a longer ifespan out of it. And, with the cost of petrol always on the increase, you’ll appreciate the saving. Here are our top five ideas to keep your car looking, smelling and driving like new …

Flush Your Power Steering Fluid
Power steering fluid is petroleum based, with certain additives, and like any petroleum product will break down and lose effectiveness over time. Power steering parts include hoses, pumps, seals and many moving metal and rubber parts, all of which rely on lubrication from the power steering fluid. Flushing the power steering fluid will remove the tiny metal particles that can grind away at the power steering parts.

Flush your brake fluid
Flushing your brake fluid should be done every other year. This system also has a pump, hoses, seals, moving metal parts and rubber parts, and they all rely on lubrication and the presence of the fluid to function effectively. Over time, the fluid becomes contaminated with air, rubber particles, and metal particles, and becomes less effective.

Care For Your Tyres
There are good quality tyre polishes available that will make your tyres shine like new. Using these polishes regularly will keep the tyres looking good. Even if you have ordinary steel rims, good looking tyres will make the wheel look new. You can also just get the rims spray painted or add a good set of wheel covers as they get scratched easily.

Get Car Seat Covers
Seat covers immediately make a huge difference to the interior of your car. You can even swap seat covers every few years and change the theme for the interior. Dressing your seats in new form-fitting covers will improve the look and feel of your vehicle’s interior, making your car feel and look new again.

Fix Scratches And Polish The car
There are ways in which you can get rid of minor scratches on the car. If you have bigger scratches and dents consider getting a touch-up job done on your car, instead of a complete repaint. Once that is done, use a good quality glaze polish and a good wax polish. Working in a schedule where you can polish your car once a month will maintain the sheen on your long lasting car.

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